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Essential Oils for Seasonal Relief

Happy May, everybody!

It’s great to see so many flowers blooming, especially here in SLO, where you can see them dotting the hillsides with purple and yellow. But I know for a lot of people, those flowers mean itchy eyes and sneezing fits - allergy season is in full swing. 

You could turn to over-the-counter drugs for relief, but they have side effects. They also only address the symptoms versus treating them. Using essential oils will help calm your symptoms naturally. Essential oils offer seasonal allergy relief without any side effects - and chances are, you might even have some of these in your home already!

The best essential oils for allergy relief are lavender, peppermint and lemon. They are both a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory.

You can take one or two drops of each in a small glass of water or into empty veggie capsules like these ones. Just be absolutely sure that the bottle says it’s safe to take the oils internally!

You can also diffuse them in the air by using a diffuser like this one or putting a few drops of each oil into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture into your mouth, onto the bottoms of your feet or around your chest and sinus area.

Make sure to apply your essential oil treatment a few times a day for best results, so you’ll be able to go outside and enjoy those beautiful blooms sprouting everywhere!

Do you have any natural seasonal relief you swear by? Share in the comments below!